The Podcast by two 20th century college buddies, talking about comic books, movies, TV, Sci-Fi, and celebrities. Made by Geeks, for Geeks!
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Chuck McCue:

Chuck is a family man, living in Metro-Atlanta. He is a New Yorker at heart, but enjoys the more laid-back, bucolic lifestyle of his adopted home. He's a fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black...just about any BBCAmerica Sci-Fi show. Whereas Steve is the master of editing the podcast, focusing on sound levels, adding sound effects, and bumpers; Chuck is the guy doing the silly drawings.
Steve Tiberius Barker:

Steve is our resident Star Trek fan, and master of editing the podcast. He lives in NYC with his girlfriend, and gets self-conscious when she walks in on him while "recording the podcast", if you know what I mean. He usually books our interview guests, and is great at cultivating our on-line friendships. He collects comic books, and is on a first name basis with his bartenders. 
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Steve Tiberius Barker
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Chuck McCue
​a/k/a "Punk Man"

Griffin McCue
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Baby James

Frequent contributor

Lt. Commander Argyle from
​Star Trek: TNG, The great Biff Yeager


Ellie Rice
a/k/a "Reptrillian"


Luis Rivera from @theeverythingpodcast
a/k/a "Dominican Lou"

Cosplayer extrodinaire, Jess
​a/k/a "Spiidermom"

GLC 1st Annual Oscar Contest


Love movies?  Steve and Chuck do too. The 90th Annual Acadamy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, March 4, 2018. 


Print the ballot below, choose for every Oscar catagory, and return-email it to  (Don't forget to answer the "Tie-Breaker" question.)


Before the Academy Awards begins we will provide a printable spreadsheet with all your screennames (use your twitter or instagram name) and your corresponding picks.


The winner gets a Geek Life Crisis T-Shirt professionally crafted by Click on link and see our current t-shirt options. Also, we'll announce you as winner on our podcast and promote your social media stuff! (If you want us to.) 

Chuck and Steve will play along, but cannot win the t-shirt.

If you like this idea, tell a friend!  It's not just for listeners of Geek Life Crisis.  If you have friends that love the Oscars like we do, help them get involved too.  They don't have to be on twitter or Instagram or even the internet.  But, really why aren't they?  WTH?

Any questions?  Ask Steve or Chuck on Twitter: @geeklifesteve & @geeklifechuck
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